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the begining of a blended family

It was just over 6 years ago that I met the wonderful children of the man who would be my husband. I vividly remember, it was a saturday, I was lazily enjoying my morning coffee when the phone rang. It was Steve, he said he “happened to be in the neighborhood” and wanted to bring the children by to meet me.

Instant. panic. ensued!

OMG should I change clothes? Let’s see…..  I’m wearing Pokémon tee and jeans, I think that’s Ok. (kids still like Pokémon right?) Should I pick up the apartment? (come on, these are the kids, not the in-laws) What do I do? Put on cartoons? Bake cookies? (no, kids can sense “fake” a mile away)

So I just sat on the couch, tried to look as natural as possible, and waited.

I didn’t wait very long. *knock, knock, knock* (My god, was he in the parking lot when he called?) In strolled the love of my life and his three lovelies Jared 12, Emerald 8, and Isaiah 6. I’ve never been quite as nervous as I was that day, I wanted so much for them to like me, and for a while everything was going swimmingly. They brought cannolis, I gave them some juice, of which I only had pineapple (and that only thanks to my love of piña coladas).
Then things started to go stale. Emerald planted herself in Steve’s lap and stared at me through the suspicious eyes of a daddy’s girl. What do little girls like? Dolls? (got none) Make up and hair bows? (outta luck there too) Before long Jared and Isaiah had lost interest in whatever had occupied them up until now and I found myself with three sets of eyes turned expectantly towards me. Waiting.  (why didn’t I learn to juggle, do magic, or make balloon animals when I had the chance)

So I did what every responsible adult does in such a situation, I broke out my skateboards.

Success! The rest of the morning was spent outside. Emerald even held on to me and let me pull her around on my Sector 9 longboard.

When they left I felt like a wieght had been lifted from my shoulders. I couldn’t believe how much the anticipation of this encounter had weighed on me. Now it was over, I had been myself, I had surrvived, and we had FUN!
Today, it’s still that good. That doesn’t mean it’s sunshine and daisies all the time; like all families we have our stormy days. Even so,  I miss them when there gone, and when they’re here, I want every moment to be perfect. Even though I no longer have my skateboards *cries* we  still find time to do things together, be it in the form of a card game, Rock Band,  or Bocci Ball. Jared and Isaiah help their dad around the house, Emerald helps me in the kitchen. In fact, in our recent circumstances, they have been a God send. With my husbands new physical limitations I feel the financial and physical responsibilities of the home more keenly each day. Not only have the children helped out wherever they could, but they have done so with a (sometimes strained;) smile. I cannot express how blessed I feel to have them in my life.
I feel a combination of sadness and extreme pride when I think of the people they are becoming and what that means for us. As they get older and have lives of their own, we see them less and less. Still, I look forward to every weekend they are with us, and hope they will remember these times as fondly as I do.

Thanks for reading:)

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